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Taking Care Of Your Floors

There is nothing more important that your floors.  Without your floors, the rest of your building would not be constructed nor will you be able to operate in the building.  When it comes to your floor there are many different types that you can choose from.  You can have a solid cement slab, tile, epoxy, rugs, carpet and wood. 

When looking at your floors we like to see that they are shiny, well-kept and make people want to enter the room.  If there is a fear of your floors, most people will stay out due to falling or injury.  This is why, commercial floor care richmond va is so critical.  If we don’t keep our floors nice, then we can have issues down the road.

commercial floor care richmond va

Pick stuff up

The first step is to just pick stuff up off the floor.  When we have items scattered across the floor they can become a tripping hazard.  Also, when we have items on the floor they can be kicked or moved around in such a way that they do damage to the floor.


The next thing is to sweep the floor.  When we sweep the floor we are removing dirt and other items that can make our floors look dirty and messy.  When we sweep up items that have fallen to the ground they are removed as tripping hazards and when swept into a pile, can easily be picked up with a dustpan.


Once our floors are picked up and swept, we can then go and mop them.  Mopping is the process of using soap and water to break up any dirt, spills or other items that are on our floors.  When we mop, we are spreading soap and water all over the floor which will react to whatever is on them.  From there, we ring the mop out and removing water and dirt.